5 Steps to an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

As a small business owner, you probably understand the value of the internet and what it can bring to your business and your customers. But beyond maintaining a nice website or maybe even a blog that’s updated regularly with good content, what else could you be doing to be most effective on the marketing front?

Great Question! Email is becoming a widely popular marketing tool among many small business owners, and with a little work, you too can create your own campaign starting today. Follow these initial steps to get the word out to customers, clients, and potential leads to help grow your business even more.

Ensure Your Website Has a Clear Email Capture

The first step to starting a successful email marketing campaign begins with your website. And if you don’t have a website, your concern shouldn’t be starting an effective email marketing campaign, but getting your business online first! But assuming you’ve got this down, you now need to optimize your site for capturing leads and visitors.

To do this, your website should have a clear, enticing layout for starters, but should also prompt visitors for their email addresses at some point. This can either be as soon as a user reaches your landing page, or with a noticeable portion of the page soliciting their information. Either way, you really need to get clever with how you’re going to do this. A lot of people don’t simply want to give their email out to every Joe Blow website, so create some captivating copy or graphics that explain a clear value proposition like providing the latest news on deals your business is offering as well as insider or industry information that may prove valuable to your customers. Which brings us to our next point…


The difference between a great email marketing campaign that’s a win-win for everyone and a mediocre or even bad one is largely based on the content. Sure, email is like free advertising for your business, but what are your leads getting out of it? Before you ever use email as a marketing tool, you need to think through what you’re going to put in those emails as you send them out regularly.

This could be the difference between customers, clients, and potential leads actually being excited every time their inbox dings, or groaning with agony at yet another email to delete within an already bloated file. One consists of rushing with excitement to see the latest and greatest content and offerings your business is presenting, and the other is exacerbation at why you won’t just leave them alone. Don’t take this lightly – the way customers, and especially potential customers, feel about what you offer them through email is the way they feel about your business. Make the content fun, enjoyable, engaging, and most of all, offer value through interesting information or deals. It’s as simple as that.

Spend the Money

‘But that sounds like a lot of work!’, you might be saying to yourself right now. And you’re absolutely correct. As a small business owner, if you don’t have the time and effort to design an email template as well as create the content, let alone having the skills to design and write well, it’s best to hire these things out. Find someone either locally or online who can design a gorgeous, unique template for you that reflects your business and look for a copywriter who understands what you do to provide your content. This might be money you weren’t planning on spending, but the old adage, ‘you get what you pay for’ holds true here. If you want to make your email marketing campaign successful and don’t have the chops to do it yourself, hire it out, or you might risk wasting your time, effort, and potential for new business.


If you want to be really effective with the time and effort you’re putting into your campaign, make sure you’re keeping track of all the metrics associated with customers who have made purchases or visited your website because of your emails. This will allow you to tweak your efforts to gan the most out of them.

If you aren’t up for this task or aren’t technically inclined enough to do this, you can also either hire someone to do it for you as a freelancer/independent contractor or even hire a full time employee who can handle all of your marketing to make it super successful. Understandably, this is another big step, but if you’re doing enough business and you expect to gain a lot through email marketing, it’s best analyze the data properly as well. It’s similar to the difference between hiring an accountant to do your taxes and doing them yourself – not everyone is necessarily up for that kind of challenge.

Don’t Be a Serial Spammer

There’s nothing more annoying than a business or website owner who spams clients and leads with useless emails every single day. Inbox abuse is a real problem in today’s fast paced world – don’t contribute further to the problem! Instead, use your best judgment to provide timely and valuable information to your leads. Try to send emails out on average once a week, and ensure that your timing is good if you sell seasonal products or services to create the most value for you and your customers.

And there you have it – some basic steps to get you started in your first (successful!) email marketing campaign. If you put in the effort, you’ll be sure to get more customers, retain existing customers, create more business, and ultimately have better relationships with your clientele. It’s a powerful tool, so make sure you use it wisely and responsibly.

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