The Federal Trade Commission requires that all websites that offer reviews or testimonials disclose any relationships that they might have between the service providers or companies covered in any reviews.

The following represents our policies and relationships AgeoftheSmallBusiness :

  • Review Payment: We will not accept payment of any form, for any review prior to the review being written; however in some cases we have/will receive a copy of the product or service from the manufacturer or service provider so that we can initiate our review process.
  • Affiliate Agreements: In some cases once a review has been written we will reach out to the company of the product/service and determine whether they have an affiliate/referral program currently available. If they do we then register and include tracking code in our links to the product or service code that when utilized notify the vendor that the click originated from AgeoftheSmallBusiness.com. As a result if the individual chooses to sign up for the service or purchase the product, AgeoftheSmallBusiness may receive compensation for having referred that visitor. These affiliate/referral agreements allow us to continue to operate the website free of charge to our visitors.
  • Bypassing Code: We stand by our reviews and feel they offer small and medium business owners the opportunity to learn more about the pros and cons of working with the products/services we have reviewed, however if you do not feel that AgeoftheSmallBusiness has provided a value service for you, and/or feel uncomfortable with this website having entered into these affiliate/referral agreements – you can easily bypass any tracking by opening a new tab in your browser and visiting the vendor’s website directly.

It is important that individuals such as yourself understand the relationship between websites such as ours and the agreements we enter into in order to fund the further development of the website. In many cases we have seen various other competitors that fail to alert their visitors to these type of agreements; so in addition to being mandated by the FTC, we include both this page in our main menu, as well as a disclosure notification on all review pages on the website in the sidebar.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.